Welcome to inFund

At inFund our aim is to provide a new and effective way to support the needs and growth of our customers through unsecured short term lending.

More than ever before, there is a need to provide more effective and flexible access for finance and funding. It’s our aim to be a supportive partner in the needs of a new UK economy, one that seeks global opportunity and growth.

By utilising a new approach to evaluate risk and return, inFund is better placed to provide a credit stream that is more flexible and convenient.

Together, our partners grow.

  • Small business financing

    Simple registration process. Immediate credit information. Quick application.

    • Unsecured loans of £2,000 to £150,000
    • Loan terms of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
    • Daily repayments to remove the impact of large monthly payments
    • No hidden fees
  • Investors

    Take control of your investment. Use our auto-inFund tool. Create your own scenarios.

    • Earn returns of up to 16%
    • Fortnightly repayments of capital and interest direct to your bank account
    • Help Britain’s businesses grow
  • Suppliers and distributors

    Join inFund and access a credit assessment tool like no other. Meet your business customers.

    • Total Credit Assessment – our innovative tool designed for suppliers to specifically assess SMEs
    • Increase your customer base
    • Provide pre-approved lines of credit
    • Fund your customers directly, lose the middle-man